3 Things You Can Do To Make Sure Your Storage Unit Is Protected


If you have items in a storage unit you need to make sure that they are safe. You could lose a good deal of money and investments if your unit were to be vandalized. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that your items are safe.

1. Choose A Unit With 24-Hr Surveillance

There are many different storage companies out there competing for your business. One of the most important things you should look at when choosing a company is someone that has a 24-hour surveillance system. There should be cameras on the property, codes to get in, and you should even add more locks to your unit. In addition, some storage companies even have people on the property around the clock. The owner of the units may live on the property so that there is a person around for quick response to a problem.

These storage companies that take extra measures to protect your belongings are worth hiring. Thieves and burglars who would vandalize your unit will be less likely to attack a unit that has this kind of security, compared to another unit with just locks.

2. Never Load or Unload Your Unit With People Around

You can also take extra measures to protect yourself and your belongings by not loading and unloading the unit while people are around. Even if it appears that the people around are other owners of unit, this doesn't mean that you are safe. Vandals can make it appear as though they are just there to load their own unit, when really they are scouting out what units to break into. If you are loading and unloading expensive things with them around you are painting a target on your back.

In addition, if you do have expensive things, keep them towards the back and well hidden. Do not keep pricey items towards the front of the unit where anyone can see it anytime you open the door.

3. Check The Unit Often

Lastly, you should be stopping in and checking in on the unit often. The earlier you catch a problem the more likely you are to find the person who caused it. Additionally, the problem may not be someone harmed your unit, it could be that something fell and is smashing other items, it could be a flood or a myriad of other problems. Simply make it a habit of stopping in on your unit and checking on things often.

By doing these things you can protect your storage unit. 


15 February 2017

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Traveling all over the world for work often puts me in the lurch; what do I do with all of my belongings? Having a home or an apartment to come home to is great, but if I'm hardly at home, an apartment or mortgage is really not worth it. Thankfully, if I want to move my stuff with me, there are moving companies that will help me pack everything up and put what I don't want and need into storage. I can even ship boxes of my things all the way around the globe, which is a plus when work relocates me for more than a year.