3 Mistakes That Could Spell Disaster on Moving Day


In the weeks leading up to your move, it is important that you take every precaution possible to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, some people make mistakes that lead to time-consuming and costly delays. To ensure your move stays on track, here are some mistakes to avoid. 

Holding On to Unnecessary Items

Moving services tend to rely on the weight of your household items and the time it takes to load and unload those things to determine how much is owed for the move. If you are holding on to unnecessary items, you could end up paying far more than you anticipated. To save money and time on the move, take the time to get rid of items you and your family no longer need or want.  

Even if you are moving yourself, you should still want to purge. Fewer items mean less strain on you and your helpers.  

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Hire Movers

There are many reasons that waiting until the last minute to contract with a moving service is a bad idea, but the main one is that you might not be able to book a mover. Movers can sometimes be booked weeks in advance. If you are moving during one of the more popular times of the year, you could be left loading and unloading your own things.  

To keep your move on track, consider hiring the mover at least a month or two ahead of your planned moving day. Planning ahead gives you a chance to get estimates and compare them.  

Forgetting to Protect Electronics

If you are packing up your belongings for the movers, you need to make sure your electronics are protected for the move. Electronics, such as your television and computer, could be damaged if they are not properly packed.  

Before packing away your computer, take the time to back it up. Backing up your computer is a good way to safeguard the information on it, and doing so provides you with the capability to restore the computer, if necessary. As an added measure of protection, you should alert the movers which package contains the computer, or else you can take it along with you in your car.  

The moving service can provide you with many more tips to help you and your family avoid disaster on moving day. You can even receive an estimate of the charges and learn what you can expect from the service ahead of time.  


11 January 2017

World Travelers Simplify!

Traveling all over the world for work often puts me in the lurch; what do I do with all of my belongings? Having a home or an apartment to come home to is great, but if I'm hardly at home, an apartment or mortgage is really not worth it. Thankfully, if I want to move my stuff with me, there are moving companies that will help me pack everything up and put what I don't want and need into storage. I can even ship boxes of my things all the way around the globe, which is a plus when work relocates me for more than a year.