Tips for Preparing Your Piano for Storage


Don't let the size of a piano fool you. These large instruments are very fragile and prone to damage. This is especially the case when it comes to storing the piano. The more effort you put into preparing your piano for storing, the better the condition it will be in once you take it out. Make sure you are properly preparing the piano for storage.

Invest in Climate Control

When it comes to storing your piano, climate control should not be an option; it is necessary. Extreme and frequent changes in the humidity level in the area where the piano is stored can lead to damage to both the outside and inside of the piano.

In terms of exterior damage, the humidity can cause the surface to deteriorate and warp. In terms of the inside of the piano, too much humidity can affect its tune. Always invest in a climate-controlled storage option, as it is well worth the additional investment.

Perform a Detailed Cleaning

Perform a detailed cleaning on your piano before placing it in storage. Oil from your fingers can cause damage when allowed to rest on the surface for an extended period of time. Cleaning away the oil and other substances is important.

As part of your cleaning, it's also a good idea to polish the piano. Cleaning doesn't just minimize damage, but it will also help you highlight any damage to the piano that needs to be repaired before you place the piano in storage.

Keep the Area Clear

When placing the piano in storage, ensure you are keeping the area around the piano clear. This is especially important if you don't have a lot of space. Make sure you are not storing the bench on top of the piano or even on small items like books.

Similar to oils, when things are left on the surface of the piano for an extended period, these items can also cause permanent damage, so keep everything clear.

Tune Later

If you were thinking of tuning your piano before putting it into storage, it's a good idea to hold off and wait. Each piano will react differently to different storage environments. Even if you've taken steps to protect your piano, this is still sometimes the case.

Instead, consider waiting until after you have removed the piano from storage to have the piano tuned. While having it tuned ahead of time won't exactly damage the piano, it will be somewhat of a waste of time.

A piano is a significant investment. Make certain you're taking steps to protect your piano before putting in storage. Talk to a company such as Extreme Piano Moving for more tips.


9 January 2017

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