Moving Out Of An Apartment Building: Four Ways To Prepare For Your Move


Moving from an apartment to a house is an exciting step, but there are some key differences between moving out of a house and moving out of an apartment. You'll need to take a few extra steps as you prepare for your move. Work with your local movers to get ready for the big day, and use this guide to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Check With Your Building's Management

There may be certain rules you have to follow when moving out of your building. For example, you may have to use the freight elevator and loading dock to remove your items from your apartment, which may require you to reserve the dock and the elevator. Your building may also have rules about how early or late you can move. Check with the building's management and make any arrangements you need before scheduling the time for the movers to arrive.

Arrange For A Cleaning Service

You'll want to ensure you get the deposit back for your apartment rental, so it's a good idea to pay for a cleaning service to come in after you move and perform a thorough cleaning. A local moving company may offer this service, so be sure to ask about it when you get your moving estimate. Having the walls scrubbed, carpets cleaned and windows washed are all good ways to ensure the apartment is clean and beautiful after you move out.

Dispose Of Trash Properly

As you pack your belongings, you'll likely find items that need to be thrown out. Your apartment building may have dumpsters for trash, but you won't want to fill them with your items, as this will make things difficult for your neighbors. Instead, plan to throw away items just before the dumpsters are emptied. If you will be throwing away furniture, call your garbage service to arrange a special pickup to keep the dumpsters clear.

Arrange For Parking

On moving day, you'll want to make sure there is a spot for your movers to park the truck. If your building doesn't have a loading dock, you may want to stake out a spot on the street near your building. You can move your car into the spot to hold it, or you can ask your building's management if it offers special parking passes for moves. Be prepared in the event that you can't get the truck close to the building by renting a few carts, which your movers can use to transport items to the truck.

Your moving company may have other suggestions you can use as you prepare to move from your apartment to a new house. Take some time to plan ahead, and make sure you are following your buidling's rules as you get ready to move.


14 December 2016

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Traveling all over the world for work often puts me in the lurch; what do I do with all of my belongings? Having a home or an apartment to come home to is great, but if I'm hardly at home, an apartment or mortgage is really not worth it. Thankfully, if I want to move my stuff with me, there are moving companies that will help me pack everything up and put what I don't want and need into storage. I can even ship boxes of my things all the way around the globe, which is a plus when work relocates me for more than a year.