Moving To A City Where You Do Not Know Anyone? 4 Tips For Building Friendships Quickly


School, work, and the desire to live in a specific city are some reasons that you may make plans to move somewhere you do not know anyone at all. While you may feel scared to not have family or friends that you can visit with ease, it is possible to develop friendships in a new place almost immediately. It heavily relies on your willingness to take action and try things that you may not be used to doing. Ideally, you should start working towards this goal while you are still packing up to move.

Start Connecting Before You Move

One of the first things that you should do is to get connected with people on social media. Go on forums and ask about which neighborhoods fit your budget and lifestyle, and talk about things you are interested in. With enough persistence, you should find some people that provide you with valuable information. And, if you get lucky, you may find your first friend that you can look forward to seeing after you move.

Make a Checklist of Things to Do

It is easy to get into the routine of working, eating, and sleeping when you move, especially if you work or go to school full-time. By looking at the city and finding things that you want to do before moving, you will find it easier to hold yourself to checking things off of the list. Some ideas include local breweries, parks, museums, coffee shops, or even local events that you would like to go to.

Consider Adopting a Puppy

Moving on your own is tough, but canines are some of the best companions for reducing stress. If you love dogs, you can make friends fast by adopting a puppy. Dog parks are in every city, and you will have plenty of chances to connect with other dog owners with an interest that you have. Even just going for walks around your neighborhood can help you meet neighbors and become more open to the city.

Let Go of Your Past Friendships

As tough as it may be, you should try not to hold on to your past friendships for too long. It is tempting to text and call them on a regular basis just to see what they are up to and to talk to someone you know. But doing this will only make you feel isolated from the people in your new city. It is perfectly fine to keep in touch; you just want to prioritize meeting others and getting closer to your future friends.

When moving to a place full of strangers is on the horizon, following the advice above will help you arrive at your new home with confidence that you will be able to make friends in no time at all. For more moving tips and to make sure you're ready to go, contact a company like Walsh Moving & Storage.


9 December 2016

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