Moving With A Siberian Husky? 2 Ways To Keep Them From Having A Stressful Move


Siberian Huskies are undeniably beautiful dogs and with their thick coat, they are perfectly suited for living in a cold climate. Most dog breeds have unique characteristics that shape each dog's personality. To some breeds and individual dogs, moving is not a big deal, but this is not the case with every dog. Also, you cannot expect to use the same steps and get the same results with a Chihuahua and a Siberian Husky. Moving with this specific breed requires learning the details of their type to have a stress-free move.

Give Them Exercise

Siberian Huskies are known for having lots of energy to handle running in the snow for long periods of time. This means you cannot give up walking, playing, and running with your dog during a move. Use this as an opportunity to take a break from packing or organizing things for the move by bringing them to a dog park. If you have other dogs, let them outside to play so you can start working on demanding projects. The key is to find a way to give them the exercise they need on a daily basis. Once you start driving, you should make it a goal to drive early, check in to a hotel in the evening, and then give your dog a long walk.

Combat Anxiety

Although you can find separation anxiety problems with any dog, Siberian Huskies are particularly troublesome. It is important to understand what type of anxiety your dog has as this can have a huge impact on whether you will have an easy solution or a not-so-easy solution. If they just have isolation distress, you can drop them off at doggy daycare or an open boarding facility as often as needed. This will give them the social support they need to not be stressed while you are getting ready for the move.

Separation anxiety is another story and should be handled by keeping the house as open as possible while organizing things for the move. It is best to hire professional residential movers in this situation, preferably for everything, mainly because this allows you to focus entirely on keeping your dog from feeling stressed. This will also prevent any damage from being caused to the house or your possessions.

Since it is you that knows your Siberian Husky best, you are the one who is best suited to make final decisions, but using this information can help you get closer to having a move without stress.


13 October 2016

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Traveling all over the world for work often puts me in the lurch; what do I do with all of my belongings? Having a home or an apartment to come home to is great, but if I'm hardly at home, an apartment or mortgage is really not worth it. Thankfully, if I want to move my stuff with me, there are moving companies that will help me pack everything up and put what I don't want and need into storage. I can even ship boxes of my things all the way around the globe, which is a plus when work relocates me for more than a year.